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Don’t Be a Social Media Addict

I am addicted to social media. Not like the “Here’s a selfie of me doing nothing” kind, but a worse kind. I’m the “I can’t get enough news about the news and people talking about the news” kind. It’s destroying my intellect. I have been obsessed over the last couple months with the current topics…

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The Six Most Important Areas Of Your LIFE

You have some areas of your life that you OWN– meaning you have them down. Then, there are other areas where you struggle. You may have great health, but your business life suffers. You may have work or business down, but you struggle with your relationship with your spouse. Maybe your relationship with your wife…

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Pass the Decision Making Hat

In The Decision Maker, Dennis Bakke argues that in most organizations the leaders make the decisions.  After all, they are the people most equipped to make the decisions, right?  Dennis challenges that thought, and I’m going to ask you to do the same.  Who in your business has the power, authority, and responsibility to make decisions?…

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