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Discovering THE Thing

In the book Good to Great by Jim Collins, he talks about the concept of the “flywheel.” In that chapter, he speaks about how great companies start by pushing a heavy flywheel. Companies start by struggling to push this flywheel, or the core idea of their business. Then, as they push more and more, it…

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Back to Personal Development

A life worth living is a life worth examining.  We all know that in business or medicine we must examine what we do for our customers or patients.  We must continue to improve our systems, ideas, and the way we take care of our team and our customers.  We say things such as: “Nothing gets…

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Accepting Feedback

“Am I flexible enough to change my mind and accept feedback?” This was a question in my The Daily Stoic Journal that’s had me thinking.  It couldn’t have come at a more crucial time in our business.  We are in the middle of making considerable changes and needing to re-think where we are and where…

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