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What If We All Stopped Dreaming?

Do you stare at the night sky?  Have you gazed longingly at the sun as it breaks the distant horizon? Do you dream?  In a wakened state? Of things beyond, where limits cease, and we become. What we were meant to be. When I was a kid, I used to climb the TV antenna attached…

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COVID Education

COVID has created a lot of confusion for people.  Confusion for patients, confusion for the media, and confusion for people knowing what to do or not do.  Depending on who you listen to, COVID-19 is either the worst plague that has ever hit humanity or it is just a mild virus and everything is over-blown. …

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Release the Stress

Are you tired of feeling stressed out? One of the most frequent complaints I hear involves the word “STRESS.” It usually goes something like, “I am just so stressed out with everything I have to do.” As a business owner, I could easily say, “I sympathize with you.” But the reality is, I don’t really have…

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