Living Every Minute

What Is Fitness?

What is being fit? What makes a person fit? Is an offensive lineman fit? Is a weight lifter fit?  My definition of fitness is being able to do anything I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, without having to “get in shape” to do it.  There are obviously different characterizations of what we call “fit,” but I have…

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Never Take a Goose to a Duck Contest

Never take a goose to a duck contest.  That’s some good advice right there! But seriously, how many times in your life have you tried to “fix” someone that just cannot be “fixed?”  Are they doing what they are supposed to be doing?   They think they are a goose, want to be a goose, wish they were…

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The Natural Friction of Living

If we acknowledge the influence of nature’s forces as inevitable and necessary, why do we struggle to accept that friction, resistance, and adversity are equally essential to happiness?

Here are some self-analysis questions you can use today, to guide you on the path to understanding the healthy role adversity plays in your life.

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