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The Best Investment I Ever Made

I recently listened to a Tim Ferris podcast, and at the end, he asked Tony Robbins what the best investment he ever made was. Tony said it was investing in a Jim Rohn seminar.  I started thinking about that answer and realized the best investment I ever made was investing in a Tony Robbins seminar. …

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Part of Everything You Make Is Yours to Keep

The most important lesson of all the lessons of wealth is the easiest to understand and the hardest to do.  You MUST pay yourself first. You MUST KEEP a portion of what you make and start to develop your wealth.  You MUST live within your means.  If you cannot do this, it doesn’t matter what…

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Don’t Eat Your Babies

Many times, when I teach people how to become financially free we talk about putting money away in your “financially free” account. They ask two questions that don’t make sense. One is, “What am I going to do with the money?” That’s like asking, “How am I going to drive my Ferrari?” before you have…

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