Let’s Connect – The Purpose of Social Media

So, we’re sitting on the beach here in Playa and this girl walks up to me and says, “You’re Tim!” 

Clearly, this caught me off guard. We’re in Mexico and someone out here recognized me? I was a little cautious at first, not sure how she knew who I was. So, I said, “Yeah…”

Her eyes lit up and she smiled at me. She said, “I follow you on Facebook! I came down here to ask if you wanted a massage.”

Isn’t that wild?! 

I told her I’d actually just had a massage, and I thanked her for the offer and invited her to sit with us for a moment. So, we sat and had a conversation, and I realized I actually remembered her and I asked, “Didn’t you just have a baby?”

She was baffled and said, “Yeah, I had a baby two months ago.”

I asked, “How’s the baby?”

She said, “Good!”

The more we talked the more I remembered about her. I remembered seeing her posts and pictures. “Don’t you have a boy and a girl?”

She was so surprised I remembered her and different facts of her life, but I was even more surprised that I was on a beach in Mexico and a girl just walked up to me and said, “Hey! I follow you on social media.” It just made me think of what a great opportunity we all have to connect with each other. That’s what social media was meant for, not all that political crap and the this, that, and the other. Let’s use it for what it was made for. I mean, this is just awesome! 

I hope you’re all out there Living Every Minute, working hard and playing hard. You should either be creating a spectacular life or living a spectacular life! You should be doing those things all the time.

Love ya,

Dr. Tim

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