Living Every Minute

Day 30: One Minute Routine

February 28, 2012

Take one minute today for R.A.K. (random act of kindness).  Direct your R.A.K. towards a stranger.

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Day 29: One Minute Routine

February 27, 2012

Spend one minute writing down everything you’ve done over the last two days.  Are you happy with that list — or do you need to make changes in how you spend your time?

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Day 28: One Minute Routine

February 26, 2012

Spend one minute looking at yourself in the mirror.  Are you happy with the person looking back at you?  You should be … tell the person in the mirror, “I love you.” If you aren’t happy with the person … still say, “I love you.”  Then make a plan to fall in love with the […]

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