Living Adventurous

A Spectacular Birthday Adventure

It was my 56th birthday and Pamela had planned a day on the ocean in Playa Del Carmen to celebrate. I was excited, but I really had no idea what to expect. The taxi arrived at 8 a.m. and we drove 30 minutes to the pier. I love taxi drivers in Mexico because I get…

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Life Is the Horse, I Am the Rider

My family and I are on yet another trip. It’s amazing to me the life we get to live. I read recently that either Life is the rider and you are the horse, or that you decide to be the rider and make Life the horse. I think life will be whichever you command it…

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Are You the Shark or the Chum?

  Recently, I was cage diving with Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa. As I sat in a submerged cage watching as the bait of fish heads and a fake seal were floating in the water, anticipation and anxiety were building inside me. I simultaneously wanted to see a shark up close…

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