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Playing by the Ballpark Rules

September 12, 2011

Most of your life you live playing in someone else’s ballpark. Simply put, you live by rules which you didn’t create. Think about it: 1. You drive a certain speed someone else set as the speed limit. 2. You pay taxes someone else decided were the right amount. 3. You have to obey rules at […]

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Sample Audio Course

April 4, 2011

Welcome to the sample page of the Living Every Minute On-Line Audio Course. You can do this course in two ways. First, you can listen to it on-line. Or, you can download the files as MP3s and listen to them wherever you want.  Please listen to the samples below, and if you like them, purchase […]

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Building Relationships through Books

February 2, 2011

Have you ever wanted to be an expert? Do you have a lot of great knowledge to share, but you just feel too overwhelmed to start sharing? If so, welcome to my world a year ago. Last February I had people asking me non-stop to share my fitness tips, my health tips and my life […]

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