Happy Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving 2013.  Wow has the year gone fast.  I have all five of my kids home (four are in college) and that is wonderful.  Today will be an awesome day.  I got up at 530 am, walked for forty minutes on the treadmill while reading Dan Kennedy’s book called “No B.S. Time management for entrepreneurs” .  After that I wrote an article on relieving stress for UCMM, checked a few emails.  It is now 7:08 am and I am writing this.  My entire family is still asleep and this gives me a little personal time to ponder, think, and write.  Once everyone is up we will spend time putting up our Christmas tree and decorating it, watching football, eating too much all day, playing board games, and spending time as a family.  What a GREAT DAY!!

I have much to be grateful for.  I am extremely grateful to have my whole family home for Thanksgiving.  That is getting harder and harder to do.  They all have their own lives now (who knew that was going to happen) and so for them to all want to come home is wonderful.  I have been blessed with amazing health my whole life.  I am so grateful for that as I have also been blessed to take care of those who have not been so blessed.  Taking care of people in their time of need has been a wonderful blessing throughout my life and it has also made me more grateful for my health and the health of those I love.

I am grateful for the wonderful family I have been blessed with.  I have the best wife a man could ever ask for.  She is truly my best friend and my kindred spirit.  She knows me best and loves me anyway. I love her to death.  We are blessed with amazing children and they are living amazing lives.  It is awe inspiring and fun to watch them as they forge ahead and create their own place in the world.

I am grateful for my intellect.  I am grateful that I have decided I’d rather be a learner than a knower.  I have chosen to just continue learning my whole life and to be honest, that has made all the difference.  I decided to work hard on myself in addition to working hard and I am finally realizing how important that decision was.  Jim Rohn said “if you want to attract great things in your life, you must become attractive” What a great concept.   Working on becoming attractive has been a lifelong pursuit.  I am nowhere close to finished.  As Tim McGraw says I am not as good as I’m gonna get,  but I am better than I used to be.  It is about mastery.

I am grateful for our wonderful ranch.  What a great haven from the world.  320 acres of beautiful East Texas woods with 4-wheeling, hiking, horses, tennis, etc.  We are truly blessed to have such an amazing place to live.

I am grateful for my awesome businesses.  I am blessed to work with the people I want to work with, to do the kind of work I want, and to be able to teach.  Thank each one of our subscribers for trusting me and for paying your hard earned money to continue to learn with me.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the Summit next week.

I am grateful to be an American.  I am grateful to have served this great country and to have the un-earned privilege to live here.  We are truly members of the lucky sperm club.  By no doing of our own we live in the richest nation in the history of the world at the richest time in the history of the world.  That is a true blessing.

Finally I am grateful to live upon this amazing earth and for all the miracles that occur daily.  I am looking out my office window right now at my two horses standing on the frosty grass with fall colored tress in the background and the sun shining down on them all.  What an amazing place, what an amazing life.  God did real good when He put all this together.  Think of all the things we don’t even have to think about that just happen every day like the sun coming up.  How amazing.

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful for you and your family.

Live Every Minute,
Dr. Tim Reynolds, M.D.

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