How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Many years ago I was inspired by American adventurer John Goddard to create a dream list. At the age of 15, Goddard sat down at his kitchen table and wrote what he called, “My Life List”. The list consisted of 127 goals he wished to achieve throughout his life, and since 1940, he has achieved 109 of the things on his list.

Goddard truly has lived an amazing life. His life list is not full of easy things to achieve. I encourage you to check it out on his website.

After learning about Goddard, I decided to take on the same challenge and wrote a similar list. The list included:
1. All of the things I wanted to have,
2. The type of person I wanted to become,
3. The places I wanted to go, and
4. The people I wanted to meet.

That list changed my life. I’ve yet to accomplish all of the dreams I originally set. In fact, as time has gone on, I have added more dreams to the list and deleted some dreams I no longer deemed important. The list is a work in progress that evolves as I grow as a person. Through the years, one thing has always reminded the same. The list has given me things to look forward to and opportunities to take advantage of. It is amazing when you have something on your dream list how you attract people and situations into your life that allow you to accomplish your dreams while simultaneously helping them to accomplish theirs.

Some of the dreams on my list which have come true include:
1. Having an amazing marriage and amazing children,
2. Traveling the world – not just as a tourist but as an adventurer – visiting 50 countries on 7 continents,
3. Owning my own successful business,
4. Being a published author,
5. Being a speaker/teacher,
6. Helping the less fortunate,
7. Living a life of passion,
8. Reading hundreds of books,
9. Meeting amazing people,
10. Owning cash flowing real estate,
11. Owning and flying my own airplane, and the list truly just goes on.

While the things listed here are general, many of the dreams on my list are much more specific, like climbing Kilimanjaro or scuba diving the Galapagos Islands.

This is why I designed my Living Every Minute: Design the Life You Deserve Program. It takes you step-by-step through writing your own life’s dream list. One of the things I teach in the program is when you are making your list, you should not be realistic. Instead you should dream big dreams. It doesn’t matter how old you are, your new life begins today. All you have to do is make the list and then start making it happen. Not sure where to start? I encourage you to check out my program. Much like Goddard helped change my life, my program has helped many people to change their lives.

When you write your dream list, don’t keep it secret and don’t do it alone. I encourage your family to do it with you and to create their own dream lists too. Remember as you write your list it’s important to allow your free thinking to flow. Don’t stop your brain by thinking about how unrealistic something is. Who cares? Remember, your dream list is not a goal list. It is simply a list of all your dreams.

If you don’t believe this works, let me tell you how I accomplished my dream of owning a plane. Several years ago I wrote “own a plane” on my dream list. Then I created a dream board with my wife. We found a photo of the plane we wanted, and we kept the dream board out. Over the years, the dream board got put away, but my dream list never got hidden. Last year we purchased a Cirrus SR22 Turbo plane. We have flown it all over the country. A few months ago, we found our dream board. Not only was the picture of the plane still there, it was the exact same type of plane we had purchased, including in color. That is the power of dreams.

I challenge you to make your life’s dream list today. Remember, if you need help getting started, I have an entire program designed to help you not only make your dream list, but also designed to help you create the goals and action plans needed to actually fulfill your dreams. Because I truly want to help you, I’m offering you 30% off if you purchase the Living Every Minute Design the Life You Deserve Program today.

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