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Welcome to the sample page of the Living Every Minute On-Line Audio Course. You can do this course in two ways. First, you can listen to it on-line. Or, you can download the files as MP3s and listen to them wherever you want.  Please listen to the samples below, and if you like them, purchase the entire program for only $29.00

Living Every Minute On-Line Audio Course

If you do not yet own the Living Every Minute Activity Book (a great supplement to this course), you can purchase a copy for only $19.99. Click here to purchase and download the activity book.

Right click on the links below and click “save file” or “save target as” to save the files to your computer or digital device.

Part 1: Change Your Philosophy
Introduction (Listen for Free)
Man in the Mirror
You Is Where You Is
Take Action
One Year to Live
Live to be 100
Criticism is Okay

Part 2: Improve Your Relationships
Clean Out the Clutter
Surround Yourself with the Right People
Your Most Important Relationship
4 Ways to be Loved
Improve Your Relationship with Your Family
Build Your Children’s Future
You Have to Build Yourself
Death by Indecision
(Listen for Free)

Part 3: Improve Your Health & Get Rich Too
Habits to Being Healthy
You are What You Eat
You’re Not Getting This
Supplementing Your Health
A Country of Extremes
The Super Human Immune System
Why You Really Want Money
Skills to Develop Wealth
(Listen for Free)
What You’re Really Worth
Managing Your 24 Hours
Building Your Charisma

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Purchase the Entire Course for only $29.99.

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