Journal from Egypt – Day 13

Today we had the opportunity to visit the Valley of the Kings.

Our day started early this morning with a trip to Queen Shephapsut castle.  It was an impressive place nestled in a mountain near Luxor.  Most of it has been rebuilt, but it still looks like it did when she lived there.  Because they are still exploring the site, there are numbered stones everywhere.  In addition to the castle, they have also found over 50 tombs of nobles  in caves nearby.

After leaving the castle, we went to the Valley of the Kings – where they burried the majority of the kings.  All of the tombs are dug deep inside the mountains.  We visited Ramses the 4th and Ramses the 3rd tombs.  We were so impressed with both.  The ingravings and colorings were awesome.

We spent the rest of the day on the boat traveling down the Nile.  It was actually nice to have a day where we just relaxed for awhile.  We layed on the top deck of the boat reading and taking in some sun.

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