Journal from Egypt – Day 12

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we continued our trip on the Nile River.  We spent the entire day in Al Asur.  We started the morning with a tour of the  Nile River damn.  Then we went to another ruin, but to be honest, I cannot remember its name.  They are all starting to run together.  The good news is that at a very rudimentary level, we are stating to recognize and be able to read some of the Hieroglyphics.

After going to the ruins, we found a McDonald’s and had breakfast.  We then boarded a boat headed to a remote village.  Once there, we got to watch a picture being made out of sand inside a bottle.  Then we went to a man’s house who had crocodiles in cages in his living room.  He took them out, and we actually held them.  

From there, we went to a school at the village, where a teacher there taught us lessons in Arabic. I learned the alphabet. 

The ride on this part of the Nile River was absolutely beautiful, especially the tremendous sand dunes surrounding the river in this area.

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