Testimonial: Change Your Life For the Better

In September of 2008 I realized I had spent the last nine months complaining about how much I hated my job, which in turn was making me hate my life.  So I decided to do something about it.  I sent out resumes and was fortunate enough to be hired by Dr. Tim Reynolds as the marketing director at Healthcare Express.  Little did I know how much I would grow as a person over the next year thanks to Dr. Tim’s leadership classes and motivational one-on-one talks.

Since starting work for Dr. Tim in October of 2008, my life has changed in many ways.  To begin with, Dr. Tim believes you have to have a “success team” in order to make any business work.  As part of his “success team” at Healthcare Express, and as editor of his weekly newsletter, Dr. Tim trusts me to do things the best way I know how with few questions asked.  Having a boss who allows me to be creative and who trusts me makes me truly enjoy coming to work.  It has also made me more productive and more willing to dedicate my time to growing his businesses.

Dr. Tim has also made me realize the importance of growing my own dreams.  In August of this year I launched my own marketing company, First Thought Marketing, as a part time hobby, and I started free lance writing.  I currently have two steady clients who I build brochures and websites for and am writing monthly for a local magazine.

Because Dr. Tim has taught me the importance of saving a portion of my income, I now not only save 10 percent of my income, but I also save everything extra from my side jobs and from my bonuses at Healthcare Express.  Over the last 2 years, I went from living pay check to pay check to having over $10, 000 in a savings, along with other investments.  That number continues to grow weekly.

During our executive committee leadership classes at Healthcare Express, Dr. Tim teaches the importance of delegation.  He encourages all of us to make a list of things we do consistently that could be handed off to someone else to do, freeing up our time to concentrate on more important projects.  While delegation is a skill I still struggle with, Dr. Tim’s advice has helped me create more time for myself over the past year.

Perhaps my favorite part about Dr. Tim is his constant pursuit of knowledge.  Dr. Tim stresses reading and continuing your education.  Dr. Tim encourages all members of our executive committee to read at least 10 pages a day.  Prior to starting work at Healthcare Express, I had only read two books since leaving university in 2005.  Over the last year I have read no less than two books and two professional magazines a month.  I have also subscribed to two professional daily newsletters.  Thanks to Dr. Tim, my knowledge base continues to grow daily.

These are just a few of the many ways Dr. Tim has helped me improve my life and my work ethic.  I am very excited that Dr. Tim is releasing his step-by-step activity guide, Living Every Minute: Design the Life You Deserve, to help others.  I am living proof that following Dr. Tim’s advice can change your life for the better.

-Tina Baiter
Marketing Director
HealthCARE Express
Urgent Care Management Monthly

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